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Qualicum Clinic Reopened May 21st

We are open as of May 21st with extra health and safety precautions in accordance with Phase II COVID-19 physical distancing guidelines.

We continue to monitor recommendations from our professional bodies and the BCCDC, and will be following all guidelines to ensure our patients' safety and that of our staff.

Please do not attend if you are feeling unwell, have traveled outside Canada in the past two weeks or have a fever, and we ask that you please wear a mask to your appointment even if you're feeling well. If you do not have a mask then one will be provided.

Please show up for your appointment at the specified time, not early, to limit the use of our waiting area. We also continue to offer Telehealth services to patients who wish to avoid being out in the community. Our staff will be wearing masks and following strict handwashing and hygiene practices. All surfaces are being disinfected regularly and between patients.

We look forward to serving you while keeping the health of our staff and patients as our top priority. Thank you!

Welcome to
Qualicum Physiotherapy Clinic

Welcome to Qualicum Physiotherapy. Serving Qualicum and Oceanside for 20 years, we have a professional team of Registered Physiotherapists waiting to assist you in your recovery!

In addition to Orthopaedic assessments, we offer a number of specialized services, includinga clinic gym, off-site Pool Therapy classes, Home Visits, Vestibular Rehabilitation, IMS, and other typical Physical Therapy modalities.

We look forward to helping you get back to form, so you can get back to enjoying life!

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists have received a university education and are professionally registered. They are highly trained in the analysis of human movement, as well as the recognition & treatment of disorders of the musculo skeletal system. A doctor's referral is not necessary for physiotherapy.

What to Expect from Our Physiotherapists
  1. A detailed assessment and plan of treatment discussed.
  2. Education: about your injury, what you can do to maximize healing & prevent further injuries.
  3. "Hands on" approach: including soft tissue techniques, mobilization and muscle re-education.
  4. Exercise: according to your specific needs.
  5. Reconditioning Program: flexibility, cardiovascular and strengthening program at the RAVENSONG AQUATIC CENTER or using our gym equipment.
  6. Sports Injury Management: immediate facilitation of healing after sprains or strains related to your sport. Also sports specific re-education.
  7. Gym Program at Body Sculptors: set and supervised by a physiotherapist - two days per week.